Things About Me

In only a passing order of importance:

  • My name is Dale McGladdery
  • Pronouns: He / Him
  • I watch a lot of TV and Movies
  • I used to read a lot of books, but not so much lately. I still love them and still manage to read a few.
  • My favourite genre is Science Fiction / Fantasy
  • I co-host a podcast named After the Credits (
  • I am a volunteer producer on the radio show/podcast Each For All: The Co-operative Connection on Vancouver Co-op Radio
  • I am a regular co-host on the Over 40 in Vancouver podcast
  • I am fascinated storytelling and the way stories so profoundly influence a person’s worldview
  • I started off in electronics until I discovered I really should have gone into computer programming (the signs were there)
  • I eventually became a web developer after a 13 years as a VAX system administration and Operations Supervisor
  • My amateur radio call sign is VE7ENG. My only claim to fame is Australia running QRP), and I still even remember some Morse code.
  • I still have an interest in electronics, and may even pick up a soldering iron again
  • My twitter account is @dale42
  • My technical website is
  • My old “creative” blogging website is